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Finding A Suitable Topic
[That usually means one your teacher will like.]
Most research writing assignments have a page length and a good research paper is one which covers the topic thoroughly within that limit. So the trick to finding the right topic is to find one which is the right size. It can't be too broad and it can't be too narrow. A topic is too broad if it can't be adequately covered and it's too narrow if you can't get enough sources to write about it. Unfortunately, the result is that you will probably wind up doing some trial and error before you settle on the right topic.

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In addition to finding a topic the teacher likes, it's a good idea to try and find a topic YOU'RE interested in too. If it's interesting to you then there's a good chance it can sustain your interest throughout the research and writing process. Of course, the topic for your research paper should be chosen in consultation with your instructor or a faculty member whose area of expertise is related to the topic you are considering. When you consult with your instructor, you're doing two very important things:

  • You're giving him or her the necessary strokes to make you more "legit"

  • You're making sure you're on the right track BEFORE you start to do the research.

Both of these things earn you points before you even get started.

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