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Dr. Write is multi-lingual!
Not only can we translate from a variety of languages into English,
we'll edit the translation so that it achieves the results you want!

Translations are not uncommon these days. And neither are translators. But few of them take the trouble to visit with the originator of a document and determine his or her intentions. This is the only way to make sure that the version in the second language communicates the same message as the first.

Dr. Write's translators do not simply receive a document and convert it to English, or from English to another language. We communicate with you, either by phone or through e-mail, to determine the proper meaning of your document and make sure our translation says what you intended. We are thoroughly experienced at producing effective translations of business plans, technical documents, marketing pieces, web sites, and much more.

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       Before crossing the border to work with us, you'll need a passport identifying you as one of Dr. Write's patients. To sign up for your passport, click on the button to the left.

To select the language which will serve as the basis of your translation, click on the red button.


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