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Technical writing is a growing field and many college programs in engineering and science require a technical writing course. Dr. Write provides writing help with assignments like reports, summaries, hardware and software documentation, proposals and more.

Unfortunately, writing courses (and the instructors) often have nothing to do with the kind of writing you'll be asked to do as a professional engineer, scientist, or business man or woman. In the past 25 years, the field of technical writing has come into its own as colleges and universities realized its unique position in the world of composition. Dr. Write's Lab is staffed by Technical Writers and Technical Writing teachers who have years of teaching experience and experience writing for business and industry. Bring your own technical writing here to have it energized and cleaned up, or you let one of our lab technicians help you with your technical writing assignment.

At the Lab you'll find five rooms: Technical Writing I (the basic introductory level course information, Reports (how to turn raw data or a rough draft into a report), Proposals (how to write a proposal which will increase your chances for scoring a "hit," and Documentation (how to produce easy-to-follow procedures and clear information.) There's also a page of links to other helpful web sites containing sources you'll find helpful if you're searching for information on the web.

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