George J. Wilkerson, Ph.D., Instructor



LIT 323: Studies in Drama
This course focuses on drama as a literary genre, examining its origins, literary conventions, and current productions. Plays range from the Greeks to contemporary Broadway, illustrating the changing dynamics of the form and the role drama has played in American, British, European, and global society and culture.



COM 341: Technical Writing
A course that trains students to produce documents of a technical nature commonly found in a business context. Students are required to prepare a variety of technical reports, including audits, technical manuals and feasibility studies.



ENG 220: Business Communication
This course is a practical introduction to the preparation of business correspondence, employment applications and resumes and formal research reports. Written communication skills are emphasized.



ENG316: Modern Drama
A consideration of modern plays from 20th-century literature. The American, British, Russian, Scandinavian and Irish theatres are among those studied.



ENG344: Comedy & Satire
A study of the major American authors who have developed comedy and satire into an effective literary tool for looking at and critiquing our society's military, religious, political, and professional institutions.