[Instructor: George Wilkerson, Ph.D.]


ENGLISH 1010: Composition I
The purpose of the ENGL 1010 course is to introduce students to writing and evaluating argumentative essays, developing awareness of rhetorical techniques used in persuasive writing, and applying argumentative techniques in a research paper. Students who are planning to pursue an A.A., A.S. or an A.S.T. degree must take this course as a degree requirement.
Prerequisite: Satisfactory ACT or placement test scores.

    • The "runaway hit of the Fall semester! Awesomely clever and full of surprises." [Your Health Today]
    • A ‘must see...or not see...just see for yourrself.’ [Billy Bob Scanlon, President Emiritus of Pecos Bill Junior College.]
    • "You'll laugh, you'll cry; you'll beg for a full tuition refund!" [Jody Easterly, Stringer for the Columbia Daily Herald]


ENGLISH 1020: Composition II
The purpose of the ENGL 1020 course is to develop writing skills beyond the levels of proficiency required in ENGLISH 1010, with emphasis on interpretation and evaluation, and more advanced research methods, using literature (short fiction, poetry, and drama) as the text or subject for discussion and writing.
Prerequisite: ENGLISH 1010 or placement test scores.

    • "The sequel everyone has been waiting for...even better than Comp I" [Your Health Today]
    • "Wilkerson's performance is a tour de force...a testimony to the man's staying power." [The National Enquirer]
    • "Had me on the edge of my seat...the instructor kept spilling his coffee on it." [Jennifer Toastamonte, Foreign Exchange Student, Myrna Campus, Columbia State Community College]


ENGLISH 2130: Topics in American Literature
This survey of American Literature is a reading course that focuses on critical analysis of representative works from the Colonial era to the present.
Prerequisite: ENGLISH 1010 or placement test scores.

    • The course that Rotten Tomatoes ranked as 17 out of a possible 922 without the croutons
    • "Probably the most subversive collection of literary works ever compiled in one place." [The New England Journal of Psychological Stuff]
    • "Confused the hell out of me." [Louis 'The Lip' Andreaus, Doorman, Williamson County Campus]


ENGLISH 2330: Survey of World Literature
World Literature is a reading course in world poetry, drama, and fiction and focuses on critical analysis of representative works.
Prerequisite: ENGLISH 1010 and ENGLISH 1020.

    • "If you don't take any other course at CSCC, you must take this one, before it leaves town." [The Schoolhouse Newsletter]
    • "Nail biting...riveting...gut-wrenching...non-stop action..." [College Course Critique Monthly]
    • "A pioneering accomplishment in the Teaching Noir style. It's the course everyone is talking about." [Amy's Online Course List]


"My writing has improved tremendously! I wish I had taken Dr. Wilkerson's class as a first class. My papers could have been much better. Dr. Wilkerson took time outside of class to review the writing I was doing for other subjects. He gave me assistance that improved my grades in other classes. The online resources he provides are comprehensive and helpful. His critiques were direct without being offensive. It is my understanding that this professor has done extensive technical writing. I would be very interested in taking a class in researching and writing science-oriented papers if Dr. Wilkerson were to teach the subject." [ENGLISH 1020 / Fall 2012]

"Dr. Wilkerson brings fun to English. He used so many different techniques to teach us about the elements of fiction. He also has an amazing website that guides you in taking stories apart and looking at the deeper meanings. I will probably continue to use the site long after the class for the resource material alone. He understands that people think and see things from different points of view, but he works with you to help you improve and enhance what you already know. He makes you enjoy the class and that is not an easy task at 8 in the morning." [ENG 1020 / Fall 2012]

"He has a great way of explainingthe assignments so that I understood completely. I know I have improved in writing an analysis on novels or things like that." [ENGLISH 1020 / Spring 2013]


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