English Composition I


English 1020 / Composition II
Spring 2019

- 1 -
A summary and interpretation of The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin
- 2 -
A summary and interpretation of and discussion of the characters in Salvation by Langston Hughes
- 3 -
A summary and interpretation of and discussion of the characters, setting, and point of view in The Use of Force by William Carlos Williams
- 4 -
A revision of a short story read for this semester. Use the elements of fiction to modify the story in a way you would have preferred it. The writing cannot be less than exceed 5 nor more than 10 printed pages (i.e. double-spaced w/ one-inch margins such that 5 pages equals 1,500 words and 10 pages equals about 3,000.

The following topics and approaches are unacceptable:

  • Anything written from the point of view of an animal or inanimate object (this includes talking body parts)
  • A story that begins with the ringing of an alarm clock or a group of characters gathered around an open grave
  • Sexual activity beyond the PG-13 rating
  • Inclusion of characters who resemble — in name or description — the instructor or any member of this class
  • Acts of violence involving serial killers, bloodletting, lawn mowers, axes, cudgels, guns, knives, guillotines, scythes, and similar items.
Notes: If an instructor at this or any other institution has ever asked you not to do it in his or her classroom, don’t do it here. Plagiarism and academic misconduct.
If you think I can’t distinguish your own short story from a published work you downloaded from a magazine, please see Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry (“Make my day”).